Sunday, March 17, 2013

Centro Escolar University's moto

Science and Virtue
Centro Escolar University's moto
why is "ciencia y virtud" our university's moto? 
Well, I dont really know.
It's not because I am not reading the students hand book
but because the school didnt really give a seminar on why
they have chosen the moto.
and how to let the students adapt the moto
and apply.
knowledge and virtue
to have enough knowledge is not enough
you need to have a pleseant personality
to fit in this world.
to have virtue is to seek happiness
in your daily life.
but why is everybody emphasizing virtue
than knowledge but the scince comes
first than virtue
why is it now virtue and scince?
you can always encounter the question
"what woukd you rather have? scince or virtue?"
my answer is knowledge, because if you have
a good brain but has a shity personality
then you are not that smart at all.
the wise people always wise
enough to face every problem
or every person in polite way.
so to have scince is to have virtue.


Science can answer moral question
after watching the video for several times
I still dont get the whole clip
becuase the choice of words is too
deep and hard to understand
so I didn't know I get the whole idea of the video right.
But what I disagree the most is
that most of our daily rules these days
are coming from the pope or the christians
from the bible, the ten comandmends.
how can science explain the moral lesson from the bible
when most of the scientist doesnt have a religion
or questioning the existence of God.
how can science answer whose thinking is right or wrong
when to different race have different way of thinking.
science really can't prove everything.
How can science prove why the world is
so unfair,why some were born whealty, but some were unfortunate.
some people are always so lucky
and some were always having a bad luck.
If science can answer everything
then we should be living in a safe world now
then there should not be any world wars.

Major Lessons Learned

Life is a mystery, death is a mystery, life after death is more than just a mystery. The human person is a mystery because the one who created the human person is more than just a mystery. Pain is a sensation and it is the body’s duty to detect pain but the soul can feel pain without the body which implies that the soul can exist outside the body. The body without the soul is dead but a soul without the body isn't necessarily death. The eternity of the soul is the only meaning to life. The human person is a living being because there is a meaning to his existence and that meaning is the eternity of the soul.
Who really am I? The driven wheel, the driving wheel or both? The soul gives meaning and form to the body. The mind is one with the soul at infinity and it is the body’s duty to take instructions and to detect sensations. The complete human person is therefore both the driving wheel and the driven wheel however, the true self lies outside the body and it is that which directs the body and gives it meaning.

Theological view of the Human Person
According to Christianity, the human person is the handwork of God and God created the human person in his own image and likeness. God created the human person after He has created almost everything but He put the human person in charge of almost all the things He has created
A logical fallacy is, roughly speaking, an error of reasoning. When someone adopts a position, or tries to persuade someone else to adopt a position, based on a bad piece of reasoning, they commit a fallacy. I say “roughly speaking” because this definition has a few problems, the most important of which are outlined below. Some logical fallacies are more common than others, and so have been named and defined. When people speak of logical fallacies they often mean to refer to this collection of well-known errors of reasoning, rather than to fallacies in the broader, more technical sense given above.

Synthesis Paper

Synthesis Paper

Studying philosophy made me confuse a lot every after watching a video about moral and ethics
made me realize it is a very simple world at all we are living, but when I step out and watch all the people pass by me. I return to the world that I know if everyone could just realize how the world oath to be then it would be a world without sin but then there would be consequences. For me this world we are living is all about money people now a days will do everything to fight for money but why are we fighting to live if we are just living to fight? so philosophy contributes to me what I need lots of motivation make me live this life easier than ever and also contributes to my course. how to view people how to love people instead of things Think more Talk less always stay curious find out everything what you want to know don't give up so quickly
To think logically is to have commonsence, one thing I like about this subject is you dont have to memorize a lot you just need to analyze the question unlike when you're dealing with scince you need to have a lot of memorizing if you want to prove something you really need to put time in experimenting. But is it really true that science can answer mroal question? Well we should put it this way that the world is based on what is written on the bible so for me philosophy has more questions on religion. a lot of philosophers doesnt belive in God becasue there is no way to prove God instead of bible.
And our whole life is talking bout ethics everything scientist has invented has a big question of is it ethical or non ethical? to be honest the world's most dangerous creature is human, those wild animals sometimes are just protecting themselves so they hurt humans. humans now are so crazy that want in schools students cheat and lie just to have good grades, sometimes they are so desperate, grades can even ruin friendships and attitude. while in the society people will kill each other just for money. so really, we need to know what the world should be to stop this madness.

Ethical Dilemmas

This is a case of my sister's friend, she told the school guidance counselor that she is doing drugs and seeking for help, the counselor promise to help her and not tell her parents about this till she get better. But the counselor broke her promise, she told her parents and the school that my sister's friend is doing drugs without even done helping her.
Not telling her parents is breaking the ethical dilema but telling her parents neither can't help her, only can hurt her, because she is trying to change before letting her parents know.

Conflict of Relationships
Let's say you have a patient who is counseling because he is suspecting that his wife is having an affair with someone and that you found out that your friend's new girlfriend is the wife of your client.
but your friend really loved this girl and he thinks that she's the one. you will be having a hard time to open up cause either way you are going to hurt both of them, even if you just remain silent.

  • keep recieving the clients money even though you know that you can no more help him, that is why the percentage of the suicidal is still high today. psychiatrist are not letting their patients know that they can no more help them and keeping them as their client just to earn their money.
  • Stop giving teraphy because the client can no longer afford, even though you know your client is in the worst stage now
  • kep giving products or keeping the client  still when client doesnt need the theraphy no more. just to keep earning their money from their client.

Forensic Psychology
While concluding an evidence that might the possible answer, you are giving out your own opinion about the crime or situation, you are connecting the evidence with your own opinion. Instead you should conclude what you think based on the evidence shown.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

There is no universal truth

Philosophy and science are both human intellectual activities and a field of knowledge.
It doesnt have much similarities and vise versa, philosophy is far differ from science tough it is a branch of science.
philosophers are often disconnected from reality, and tend to argue what the world should be like, while scientist goal was to figure out what the world was really about, and all about experimentation.

I cannot think of anything to write about the article philosophy is not science, tough I've finished it and tend to think of something to reply but nothing is really coming out of my head.
maybe i didnt understand it well enough, but i did read it a couple of times.

Think and wonder, wonder and think

Philosophy and Ethics
The interesting thing about this subject is that there is no right or wrong, and it helps our brain function more often by thinking some philosophical questions, and by analyzing what is written in the newspaper, things said by superior people. Our cup is never full, we are always learning as long as we are living. and philosophy made us realize that there is no such thing as abnormal, maybe in our culture the practice of ones that is unacceptable to us is normal in other culture, and also everyone who's living in this wide nation has the right to stand out and prove himself. It is not the matter of color or what language you speak.
philosophy and ethics is the common subject for every student regarding which year level. It helps us to be matured when facing problems in our everyday living. to even understand better every article and chapter in our life, the answer to every question you've been seeking. As a student it is important to study philosophy and ethics because this is the perfect stage to absorb and apply everything you've learn. So that we can be a better and wiser person in the near future.
To reduce mistakes and regrets that we might make, to give us faith and hope to appreciate our surroundings , nature the peoples, and not to become a materialistic person instead, to give an equal treatment and perception the every living things and non living things.
we are suppose to love people and use things not use people and love things.
Oracle of delphi once answered that Socrates was the wises man of all. its because he admits he know nothing, and it is true that he is the wises because of what he said he is always willing to learn new things, and  he will be always open to hear everyone's opinion. unlike some superior people who sticks to their own knowledge and can not accept that the generation is different now everything has some how changed. 
and the only constant about this world is changing. so we will always be accepting new knowledge.